Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tigers Re-Sign Ordonez And I'm Still Not Sold On Them

When I heard the Detroit Tigers made a free agent signing my ears perked up with a bit of enthusiam. Then I heard what the signing was. It was Magglio Ordonez coming back for one year and $10 million. A good signing, but not exactly a discount deal. It's more than I would've tried to re-sign him for. Don't get me wrong, I like that they brought him back. I just feel they could've done more with their money.

When I say they could've done more with their money, here's what I mean. The Tigers still have some holes. I've stated that they should've looked at some low cost free agent options. Be creative. Sign a younger player that has a track record of some success. Incentive laden, minor league deal with an invite to spring training, or whatever. I don't know the ins and outs of a major league front office, but when I see Austin Kearns helping the Yankees last year and available on the market, I ask myself why not sign him. Like I said before, if he can't cut it, cut him. It's all at minimal cost. Obviously the Tigers don't operate this way. I'm not saying they would win the division or be a World Series contender this way, but this team isn't getting any younger nor is there immediate help from within on the way.

This team looks a lot like last year's and they're still trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Meaning, they keep trying to recreate 2006 and that just isn't going to happen. They still need another starter and bullpen arm. Also a solid corner outfielder and second baseman would help. I know there doesn't appear to be much out there on the market but sometimes someone just needs a change of scenery. I'm not sold on Phil Coke and Armando Galarraga as the fourth and fifth starters. Hell, why not bring Jeremy Bonderman back and keep working that experiment. I'm not sold on Carlos Guillen being able to last a whole season at second base or anywhere else for that matter. I'm not sold on Brandon Inge at third either. For the "power arms" the Orioles gave up to get Mark Reynolds from Arizona, the Tigers could've given up something. He may have whiffed about 200 times, but you would have some more thunder in the lineup.

Simply put, I'm glad Ordonez is back. I'm just not too thrilled with how the team is constructed. It's going to take a lot to sell me on this team being a contender. Being competitive into September isn't good enough.         

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