Friday, December 31, 2010

Wade Is Employed Because Of His Dad

I said that Wade Phillips would get another job after he was fired by the Dallas Cowboys. More and more it's looking like he'll end up in Houston as the Texans defensive coordinator.

Keep in mind that his dad, Bum Phillips, along with Dan Pastorini, paid a visit to Texans owner Bob McNair on Wednesday. That was to drum up support to keep head coach Gary Kubiak. It also seems like it was a play to get Wade the defensive coordinator job. I guess that's the plan unless the Texans get swamped by Jacksonville in the season finale. McNair isn't too happy about the team's 5-10 record and neither are fans, who are organizing a 'Fire Gary Kubiak' rally. Sound familiar Detroit Lions fans.

If Phillips gets hired, how does current coordinator Frank Bush feel about this. He has to feel that someone put a knife in his back, and will be done in by old fashioned nepotism. I'm not saying Bush was the next coming of Buddy Ryan, but this was his first year and lost highly regarded corner Dunta Robinson to Atlanta. Stay tuned to see how this plays out.

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