Sunday, January 2, 2011

John Elway's New Gig

A report from the Denver Post says Denver Broncos have hired John Elway to be their vice president of football operations.  It's not yet a done deal as they have to finalize a deal.

"If and when we reach an agreement with John Elway, Pat is very confident that John's intelligence, his leadership, business savvy, his knowledge of the game, and competitive fire, plus the respect that everyone in this building will have for him, will make us better right away," Broncos chief operating officer Joe Ellis told the Denver Post.

Considering how they've played the past few years, I doubt the Broncos will be better in the short term. Unless Elway decides to turn back the clock and play quarterback and the Orange Crush defense is reincarnated. Also, Elway may have a good business acumen, but the trying to put together a football team is a different story.

The Broncos insist this isn't a PR move, but think about it. The team isn't doing to well and what better way to get fans back to the gate than to bring back a local legend. For Bronco fans' sake, just hope he isn't the next Matt Millen. 

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