Saturday, January 1, 2011

Michigan & Michigan St. Get Drilled

What was the license plate number of the semi that rolled over Michigan and Michigan State today. Wow, I didn't expect wins out of either of them but these games were flat out embarrasments. The Wolverines were decimated by Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl, 52-14. Michigan State didn't show up at all in losing to Alabama, 49-7. Being old school like I am, it reminded me of the episode of What's Happening when Oakland steamrolled Tampa Bay. That's 4 and a half hours that I'll never get back.

With Michigan's loss that should spell the end of the Rich Rod error, I mean era in Ann Arbor. This game was a summary of what went wrong in his three years at Michigan. Athletic Director David Brandon says that he will evaluate Rodriguez after the season. Well Dave evaluation time is now. I think Brandon said that to buy time to see which back door deal he could make for a new coach. Of course that's just my personal opinion. Anywhere else that guy might've been fired. The offense couldn't get anything going, the defense can't tackle anyone, and the special teams were anything but special. Everyone blames Greg Robinson for the defense, but he had a scheme that was forced down his throat that wasn't his forte. Also Rodriguez made the same mistake Bill Callahan made at Nebraska. He abandoned the tradition of what put the school on the map. It's pretty clear Michigan won't go outside the Michigan family for this hire. Stay tuned for the moving and shaking that'll go on this week in Ann Arbor.

What the hell happened to Michigan State? After all they accomplished this year they went out like chumps against Alabama. That tree that fell in the forest, that was the resounding thud ending the Spartans' season. I'll give them credit though. They had a helluva season. It just shouldn't have ended this way. After it was 21-0 I didn't have the stomach to watch it. I really don't have much to say, except it looked a lot like the Iowa game. I hate to say it, it looked like they didn't show up to play. They do have some building blocks for the future and I'm not a hardcore Spartans fan, but I want to see how they progress next year. That'll be a year to see if they've really arrived or if they're a one year wonder.

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