Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spawn Of The Super Bowl Shuffle

Ever since the Chicago Bears 'shuffled' thier way to a Super Bowl with a song and video along the way, every team that has tasted a bit of success has had a song either dedicated to them or made one themselves, college or pro. Every team hasn't lived up to the hype or promise of bringing home a championship.

There have been teams that have made or adopted songs in homage to their team. There was the Super Bowl Shuffle. There was a forgettable Florida State video that you know Deion Sanders was behind. All that did was piss off the Miami Hurricanes. The New england townies decided to make a song. A cheesy response to the Bears' song before Super Bowl 20. We know what happened in that game. Remember when the Jacksonville Jaguars made a song on their way to the Super Bowl. Former Green Bay Packers receiver Robert Brooks mad "Jump In The Stands", a song about his signature touchdown celebration. They were derailed by the Tennessee Titans. For some reason this seems to go on mostly in football than any other sport.

With the NFL playoffs going in to championship weekend there are more "anthems" out fo their teams. Rapper Wiz Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow" happened to be adopted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. That one happened to spawn copycat versions of the song.      

Even the Oakland Raiders got in on the act during their Super Bowl run, only to get destroyed by Tampa Bay.

Here's one dedicated to the New York Jets.

Here's a message. Win something and then you and the fans can make all the songs and videos you guys want. I can't stand teams or their fans that want to make a song that's dedicated to the their team before they actually win something. 

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