Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roy Says He's Ready To Return

Brandon Roy wants to return to the basketball court. I say he should shut it down. Portland Trailblazers head coach Nate McMillan says he wants to see Roy in practice before he ok's the decision. I say there is no decision. Roy has to stop trying to br courageous and chalk this season up as a loss. But what do I know, I just watch sports.

Roy was dragging around on one leg like Horace Pinker before he went on the shelf, what makes you think it'll be any different after a few games. He's practically bone on bone which is even more reason he should sit out the rest of the season. Remember when he returned against Phoenix in game four of their first round playoff series, which was rushed. Now he wants to make another quick comeback. Take it easy, sit down and take a break young man. This is your career you're putting at stake.

"I can't really predict the future, but right now they (the knees) feel good," Roy said. "The biggest thing is once I start playing I have to keep them at a level where I feel good about going out there and helping this team."

Those knees are shot and hanging by a thread. The best thing Roy can do is let the season play on without him. The Blazers are 16-10 without Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge has flourished with the offense going through him. Roy has already pouted about Andre Miller, how would he feel not being the focal point of the offense? Roy's heart, pride, and ego won't allow him to sit out the rest of the season, maybe his head and McMillan will tell him otherwise.

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