Monday, February 28, 2011

Was There A Dunk Contest Conspiracy?

Cold envelopes, crooked refs, and now prejudging a slam dunk contest. This comes from, that the NBA had Blake Griffin named as the slam dunk contest winner. This is something straight out of the WWE.

Everyone knew that Griffin would win anyway. With all the hype he's received with his wicked dunks on Sportscenter night after night, he couldn't lose. Why would you want to have Serge Ibaka or JaVale McGee as you champion, when you can have Blake Griffin. Imagine all the marketing possibilities for the NBA and Griffin.

In this official media advisory it listed the “KROQ BLAKE GRIFFIN SHOWCASE” from 1:20 pm to 2:00 pm with the following description: “Five middle school students will showcase their dunking talents in front of 2011 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest winner Blake Griffin.”

That was sent an hour before the scheduled start for the dunk contest. The NBA and David Stern always try to throw us off when a conspiracy comes up. Now there is some kind of proof that it does exist. Of course they tried to fix it later.

Somewhere Vince McMahon and David Stern are having a drink with the shooter from the grassy knoll.

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