Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drunk E-mailing

The New Zealand football national youth coach of found himself in a bit of hot water recently. The offense: sending an explicit picture of himself to the mother of a prospective player.

Coach Steve Cain resigned for what he called "personal reasons". But it came out about the explicit e-mail and it seems like he resigned for personal conduct reasons.

Cain told the Sunday News that “in a moment of madness” after “a few beers” he had sent a picture to a woman which partially showed his genitals. He said the woman, the mother of a youth team prospect, had been sending him explicit e-mails and had “pestered” him to respond.

The worse part was the kid didn't even earn a spot on the team, then she told New Zealand Football about his e-mail. That was kind of underhanded. But he didn't have to do it either.

NZF chairman Frank van Hattum says that Cain might be considered for another coaching job but I think it's best for all parties to move on.

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