Saturday, May 14, 2011

Charles Oakley Sues Vegas Resort

Ex NBA tough guy and current Charlotte Bobcats assistant Charles Oakley, is suing a Las Vegas resort after suffering a beat down back in May 2010. Oakley described it as a "gang style beatdown" by security at the Aria hotel-casino at MGM Resorts International's CityCenter complex.

Obviously this was far from the Tyrone Hill incident.

Oakley was an invited guest for a May 28 event in Aria's VIP pool area. When he left and attempted to come back security refused Oakley re-entry.

After a "verbal altercation" with officers, Oakley attempted to return to his room when he was "assaulted" by them in a secluded area of the resort, the lawsuit alleges. The complaint says that the officers wrestled him to the ground and punched and handcuffed him.

Message to the security department of said resort: It's not that serious.

Oakley was taken to the hospital with injuries to his neck, back, and wrist and says that the injuries "may be permanent and disabling."

I wasn't there and didn't know what words were exchanged, but this could've been handled a whole lot better than what is being alleged. If what Oakley says is true, the Oak Man stands to receive a nice check for the damages.



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