Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Charlie Manuel Loves Him Some Bernard Hopkins

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel isn't one to watch boxing or talk about it. But if you ask him about Philadelphia boxing champion Bernard Hopkins, he may never stop talking about him.

He's crossed paths with Hopkins once before, but was so impressed by him that he would like him to make a stop by Citizens Bank Park and have a conversation with him.

"I absolutely love listening to him," Manuel said. "That's one tough guy who wants to be a champion. I know in baseball, that's what separates the average guy from the real good one."   

If you've ever listened to a Hopkins interview the guy can talk for days. He'll also let you know he has the same drive and determination he had when he got out of prison. That's what Manuel likes about him. It seems like an odd pairing, but Manuel likes hard nosed players.

"It's about being a champion," Manuel said.

And in my eyes Hopkins is what being a champion is all about.


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