Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FSU's Singleton To Start A Clothing Line

With the NBA draft looming as well as a possible lockout, it would be wise for potential draftees to find other avenues of income. That advice would be wise to current players as well.

In the past professional athletes weren't very smart in their business endeavors. Plans that weren't well thought out, trusting the wrong people and investing in lousy deals are just some of the problems that have plagued current and former athletes when they enter the business world.

Florida State's Chris Singleton seems to have a well planned venture underway. Free from the shackles of the NCAA prohibitng student athletes from having any kind of earning power, Singleton and teammate AJ Yawn and a couple of other friends from FSU, are starting a clothing line called Doughpe Clothing. It's pronounced "dope", a hip-hop term meaning fresh or cool.

Yawn gave a brief overview of the company.

[AJ Yawn]: The uniqueness of the company name, paired with the familiarity of the term as it relates to the common phrase ‘dope’ meaning cool, and socially acceptable in the hip-hop culture, will attract customers within the target demographics. Consumers in our target audience won’t have a problem accepting the name because the word “dope” is used in daily slang describing something that is fresh, new, or cool. Doughpe is a creative spin on this word and places the customers in a mindset that even before they see the product, they are assured that the clothing will be something they would like and desire to purchase. 

Singleton, who will most likely be a first round NBA draft pick, will be the biggest name affiliated with the company. It was a good decision to be involved with a small group that you know well to start off. He won't be involved in the day to day, since he'll be playing basketball. It's more of a Tallahassee based venture for now, but I'm sure they'll try to take it to another level. Most of the company's sales will be carried out online at



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