Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minor League Baseball Team Has "Rest The Vest" Night

With the vultures circling around Columbus,Ohio, more specifically the Ohio State campus, a minor league baseball team in Florida has decided to run a promotion "honoring" Jim Tressel's resignation.

The Fort Myers Miracle is running a "Rest The Vest" night on June 6.

- The Fort Myers Miracle feel the disappointment and anger of the Ohio State University football fan today and want to help ease the pain. So the time to move on from the Jim Tressel era is now!

The new coach of the Buckeyes presumably will not wear sweater vests on the sidelines; so it's time to retire them. Fans are encouraged to bring their sweater vest and place it in the retirement bin near the front gate of Hammond Stadium.

I'm sure the fans in Columbus won't be too pleased with this when they get wind of it. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them went down there to crash the party.

Also if you don't have a sweater vest, you can show a tattoo, Ohio State related or otherwise and receive some Miracle gear to keep or sell.

How creative.

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