Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rafer Alston To Coach High School

After having no NBA offers on the table, former Houston Rocket point guard Rafer Alston is going to coach high school basketball. Personally I think Alston still has some game left but I'm not an NBA exec, and they're the ones that say he's done.

Alston will be the new coach at  Humble (Texas) Christian Life Center.  Alston has no previous coaching experience, feels he can get the job done and wants to give back to the kids.

“We have about four or five guys that played [last year],” he said. “Some kids that didn’t play that much. There are a good amount of people coming back and then we have to add on. But it should be no problem getting the kids to play together and work together.”

Alston harbors no regrets over his NBA career and feels that he could get some overseas offers but would rather be stateside.

“I’ve had a good career, long career, 11 years,” Alston said of a career that included stops in six NBA cities and a stint in China. “I had fun. I can’t complain about my NBA career. It’s been wonderful.”

“I’ve had offers,” he said. “Overseas is always an option. This summer some offers are going to come along at some point. People can always use a point guard.”

Still, he added, “Getting one more year older and doing this job, the chances are slim to none.”

A least he's still doing what he loves and that's being a part of basketball in some capacity.

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