Monday, May 16, 2011

There's A Buyer For Carson Palmer's House

Considering the way the housing market has been, it's been hard for anyone to get rid of their home. Carson Palmer didn't have such difficulty in selling his Cincinnati area home.  

Comey & Shepherd Realtors lists the Indian Hill property as under contract. The five-bedroom, two-story property in Indian Hill had an asking price of $2.1 million. That only took two months after it was listed. The realtor must have done a good job on selling this house.

The house sits on five acres, has 5 1/2 bathrooms, a swimming pool, spa, and golf green. I'm sure they didn't have to try too hard to sell it. The real estate listing describes Palmer’s house ”an exceptional home that exudes comfort, character and privacy.”

If I'm Bengals president Mike Brown, I take this as more than a subtle hint and deal Palmer to the highest bidder. I'm sure he can get a nice haul from a team that is staving for a quarterback (Cardinals, Vikings, Seahawks). Go ahead and pull the trigger when the lockout is over. 

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