Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joey Porter's Dogs On The Loose Again

Four dogs owned by NFL star Joey Porter got loose early July 2 from his northwest Bakersfield residence and killed a neighbor's dog.

Porter, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, was cited for not having his dogs on a leash. This isn't the first time Porter's dogs, which appear to be half mastiff, half pit bull,  have been in the news for violent behavior.
In 2006, two of Porter;s dogs escaped and killed a miniature horse at a nearby farm.

Animal control spokeswoman Kim Rodriguez wasn't sure how the dogs got out of their kennel. She also doesn't know what arrangement Porter made with his neighbor. Porter did apologize and was upset about what happened.

Nothing says more than I'm sorry. Porter should receive a heavy fine and based on his dog's past, should be owning a less violent breed. I'm not trying to say he's a bad dog owner, but this is the second time his dogs have escaped and inflicted harm on other animals. Maybe they just snapped or he's raising them to be prone to violent behavior.

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Al Penwasser said...

Michael Vick has been called in to remedy the situation.
Film at eleven.