Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sapp Calls Steelers Old And Slow

If you want to awake a sleeping giant this is the way you do it. After receiving a thorough thrashing by the Baltimore Ravens in week one, Warren Sapp went on Showtime's "Inside The NFL" and trashed the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now everyone is entitled to a bad day and the Steelers just happened to have one in the first week of the season. Don't tell Sapp that, because he has a different take on the Steelers.

"The Pittsburgh Steelers. I have three things: old, slow and it’s over," Sapp says. "It’s just that simple. James Harrison told us that he was 70-to-75 percent. It looked more like 40 percent to me if you are looking at the ballgame I was looking at. And Hines Ward, Mercedes Sapp can cover Hines Ward right now. You have to be kidding me ... Mercedes is my 13-year-old daughter. She will cover Hines Ward in a heartbeat.

"And Troy Polamalu, Ed Dixon runs this crossing route. Troy Polamalu is trying to grab him to have a pass interference and he can’t even get close enough to grab him. [It] looked like he was dragging a wagon behind him. Touchdown Baltimore. Pittsburgh Steelers done."

Wow. Old, slow, and done. It's a bit early to write off the Steelers isn't it? They are the defending AFC champions and if they're old, slow, and done, the Ravens aren't too far behind them. I'd just say they came into the season limping a bit and the Ravens took advantage of it. They also played with a lot of emotion and a chip on their shoulder. The Steelers will be motivated by that loss and what Sapp had to say about them.

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