Sunday, October 16, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Fred Taylor had a highly productive NFL career. If it weren't for injuries I'd say he would've been one of the best running backs ever. It's highly debatable, but if you look at the numbers there would be a case for him. And the numbers don't lie.

His son Kelvin is aiming to carry on the legacy of his father. Taylor, who is a high school running back for Glades Day in Broward County, Florida, had a crazy game against Village Academy. He rushed for 426 yards in a 35-24 win. That isn't his career high though. He had 437 yards against Jupiter Christian in a state playoff game last November. That puts Taylor a mere 655 yards away from the high school career rushing mark held by the NFL's all time leading rusher Emmitt Smith. And Taylor's only a junior, so that mark is sure to be broken, unless he is derailed by injury.

Taylor still has a shot at the all time record held by Ken Hall of Sugar Land, Texas who holds the record with 11,232 yards. Glades Day still has four games left this season plus possible playoff games. Add in he still has his senior season to play and he has a pretty good shot at breaking the record.  

For Kelvin's sake let's hope that he doesn't suffer the same kind of injuries that cut short some of his father's seasons.      

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