Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Davie Looks To Revive His Coaching Career

It took awhile for former Notre Dame football coach Bob Davie to get another job, but he finally found one. No I'm not talking about Davie leaving ESPN for another TV gig, but he'll be taking over the New Mexico football program.

First of all I thought that Mike Leach would take over this reclamation project. With the high powered offenses he's constructed in the past he would've sold some tickets. Davie is a name, but not one who comes with a lot of sizzle that will move people to buy tickets.

Secondly, why would Davie want this job? I know that he probably had an itch to get back into coaching, but taking the New Mexico job might ruin him for life. No one has won there and the Lobos have back to back 1-11 seasons which got Mike Locksley canned among other things.

I guess it could be a no lose situation for Davie. If he wins five games a year he might be revered in Albuquerque. Hell, they might even put a statue up of him if he gets them to a couple of bowl games. Nonetheless, Davie has a major job in making New Mexico football matter.

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