Friday, November 18, 2011

Jay-Z Has To Reject NBA Players From The VIP

Because of the NBA lockout owners or coaches can't communicate with the players. It makes for a pretty dicey situation. No communication, fraternizing, etc. If you do, you risk a fine that could run $500,000.

New Jersey Nets part owner Jay-Z knew this so at a recent GQ party in Los Angeles, Jay had to turn away a posse of NBA players wanting to chat with him in the VIP party room. Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, Russell Westbrook, JaVale McGee and Shannon Brown, among others were turned down from the VIP by Mr. Carter (Jay-Z).

“So all the athletes were clamoring to talk to Jay-Z in his private section, even Melo, but because of the lockout, Jay had to turn them all down. He refused to let any of them thru, and also warned his security to watch out because of his NBA ownership, he wasn’t allowed to fraternize with them,” said our source.

Smart move Jay, now just don't go out giving ridiculous contracts to overrated players.


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