Monday, December 26, 2011

Barry Sanders Is Not A Fan Of The Lions' Mock Draft

Recently ESPN's Todd McShay put together a mock draft of the 2012 NFL Draft. It had the Detroit Lions picking in the 25th slot.

Keep in mind in the Lions have drafted pretty well of late, but also have taken two running backs in Jahvid Best (2010) and Mikel Leshoure (2011). Conventional wisdom says the Lions would take an offensive lineman, defensive back, or linebacker. Not according to McShay. In his first mock draft scenario he had the Lions picking Virginia Tech running back David Wilson. And Lions great Barry Sanders didn't seem too happy about it.

This came from the Detroit Free Press.

None other than Barry Sanders saw our tweet about the Lions mock draft Thursday -- in which ESPN's Todd McShay has them taking Virginia Tech running back David Wilson -- and tweeted back “Will they ever take an O - Lineman???”

Sense any residual bitterness there?

He then added, “I am sort of biased... but would help (Matthew Stafford) and (Calvin Johnson) too. To be fair, (the Lions’) recent drafts have been solid.”

I don't know what it is but the Lions always seem to be reluctant to take an offensive lineman in the first round or draft based on their needs. We'll see what happens in April. Hopefully it's not a running back. It'll look like the ghost of Matt Millen is looming over Lions headquarters. Remember the run of wide receivers. 

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