Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crennel Wants To Knock The Broncos Out Of The Playoffs

The Kansas City Chiefs have endured a tough season. They've seen some of their key players (Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Cassel, All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles, Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry and starting tight end Tony Moeaki) lost to season ending injuries, the head coach fired and a fair share of ugly losses. Through it all they came close to playing for the second straight AFC West title.

With the season about to end they have a chance to put an end to Tebow-mania and knock the Denver Broncos out of the playoffs. This also is a personal revenge game for the Chiefs' Kyle Orton, who was benched and released in favor of Tim Tebow. Interim head coach Romeo Crennel knows he'll be coaching for a shot at the permanent job and has no plans to lay down against Denver.

"All these players, they want to win. They want to try to win," the interim coach said Monday. "I don't think anybody goes into a game trying to lose. Every player wants to win."

"I know there are some questions about my status and how this game might affect my status. I've said all along that at the end of the year, a decision is going to be made, and I was going to do the best I could for the three games I had an opportunity to do that," Crennel said.

"The first game was a really good game. This game wasn't as good, and now I've got one more game. I try to win every game. Every game is important to me. So what will happen will happen. I don't believe what I say, what I think, is going to make any difference. It's what I do, the work that I put out there. That's the thing that will make the impact."

The ironic twist about the game is that a Kansas City win would help their bitter rival, the Oakland Raiders. I'm sure that's not why Crennel plans to go all out in this game. He wants to go out on a high note and possibly land a permanent job in the process. 


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