Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Denard Robinson Seeks NFL Advice

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has asked the NFL Draft advisory board for information on where he would get drafted if he entered the 2012 NFL Draft.

From's Adam Rittenberg:

I also asked "Shoelace" whether or not he had submitted paperwork to the NFL draft advisory board.

"I did," Robinson said, "but we'll see what happens."

Asked if he's planning to return to Michigan in 2012, Robinson said, "most likely, yes."

Breathe easy Michigan fans that doesn't mean he plans on leaving. He just submitted paperwork to get a feel on where he would land if he decided to leave school. Robinson is one of the most dynamic playmakers in college football today, but right now his skills do not translate to playing quarterback in the NFL.

Cool down Tebow-breath. Just because Tim Tebow's skills alledgedly did not translate to the league and has done ok doesn't mean Robinson's will. For all his playmaking skills, Robinson has a long way to go before he's thought of as a legitimate NFL quarterback prospect.

Robinson does have a year under his belt in offensive coordinator Al Borges' pro style system so that should help him as he progresses to the 2012-13 season.

"A year under my belt is going to help me a lot," Robinson said. "I think I can do some special things next year."     

Another year will help him, but whether that makes scouts see him more than a slot receiver or return man remains to be seen.

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