Monday, December 19, 2011

Hue Jackson Figured McClain Could Cover Megatron

Everyone is an armchair quarterback. I'm one of them. You know, questioning every decision that a coach or player makes. Some of the criticism is warranted, some isn't. But a few things Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson did Sunday against the Detroit Lions made me scratch my head.

First was the third and two deep ball Carson Palmer threw to Chaz Schilens that fell incomplete.

I'm a Lions fan so I'm glad that the pass fell incomplete and saved the Lions some time. The Lions don't have the greatest run defense so I was puzzled as to why the Raiders went deep. I can understand trying to bury someone, but to conventionally ice the game has never hurt anyone in the past.

Here's the one Jackson gets defensive about. The deep pass to Calvin Johnson where Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was hung out to dry in the defense that was called.

Go make that play,” Jackson said via the “It isn’t a scheme issue. The ball’s laying up in the air, you’ve got to go make that play when you’ve got an opportunity. Their guy made it and we didn’t, so they won the game.”

“Yeah, that’s called the Tampa-2. That’s what the middle linebacker does — he runs right down the middle of the field. They made the play and we didn’t.”

First, I've seen the Tampa 2 up close and personal when Rod Marinelli coached the Lions and not once did I see a middle linebacker going deep 40 yards to cover an elite receiver. I never saw the non descript MLB the Lions had at the time trying to cover Randy Moss going deep down the middle. So I don't see why Jackson is so defensive about the lousy defensive call that pretty much cost them the game.

Jackson must've listened to Rob Ryan on how to defend Johnson since he torched the Raiders for 9 catches, 214 yards and two touchdowns. Jackson would've been better off watching film of all the bracket coverage teams have been throwing at the Lions the past five weeks.

Jackson needs to go back to school and when he does he needs to major in "Watching game film 101". Covering Megatron with a linebacker? Suicide!


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