Friday, December 30, 2011

Ohio State vs. Michigan....In October?

Wolverine and Buckeye might find themselves on the same side of the fence again in their fight for tradition.

Once again the Big Ten is threatning to move the Michigan/Ohio State game to October, away from their traditonal late November, season ending clash. the reasoning behind it all. To keep the rivals from a possible following week rematch in the conference title game.

It's only a rumor right now, but according to a report on , it may be closer than reality than some think.

That’s right, “The Game” might no longer be the final game of the regular season for both schools. And while we despise the idea of the Buckeyes and Wolverines not playing the last game of the regular season, this move was inevitable when the Big Ten made the foolish decision to put OSU and UM in separate divisions. If “The Game” was kept as the final regular-season tilt of the year, there would be a good chance each season that Ohio State and Michigan would meet exactly one week after “The Game” to play in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Now, is this move official? No. But we have people we trust telling us that it’s eventually going to happen.

I won't say yay or nay on this, but I say just leave well enough alone, but I'm not the decision maker.


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