Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deion Sanders' Divorce About To Get Ugly

The gloves are off in the Deion Sanders/Pilar Sanders divorce case. When it was first mentioned that they were getting a divorce, Deion said the two were on good terms. He was way off on that. Now Pilar has filed documents that puts Deion in a negative light.

Pilar accused him of being a cheater, narcissistic and a bully. Deion narcissistic? No way, who knew? I can see him having an affair. Being the wife of a sports celebrity it kind of goes with the territory. It doesn't make it right, but she knew what she was getting into. As far as being a bully, I don't know. I know he wasn't one on the football field, that much I do know.

Pilar slammed Deion in the documents basically saying he was unfit to be a husband.

 In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Pilar states her husband of 12 years "has been guilty of unkind, uncaring, insensitive, cruel and unusual treatment of [Pilar] ... as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse of [Pilar] and the parties' children."

Pilar says the divorce should be granted on grounds of "mental, emotional and physical abandonment."

Pilar adds, "[Deion] committed numerous acts of adultery ... on numerous occasions throughout the marriage." Just to be clear, she adds, "[Deion] voluntarily had sexual intercourse with others who were not his spouse."

It gets nastier ... she adds, "[Deion] is a bully" ... who "suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, needs a full psychological evaluation."

In the docs, filed today in Texas, Pilar claims Deion also needs a parenting coach to teach him how to be a better father.  

Now, on to the money -- Pilar claims the judge should throw out their prenup ... and award Pilar a lion's share of the estate ... because she feels she was duped into signing the deal while under duress. 

In the docs, Pilar requests sole legal custody of the couple's three mutual children ... claiming Deion is a bad, absentee father. 

Pilar is also asking for exclusive access to the couple's mega-mansion in Texas ... meaning she wants Deion to finally pack his stuff and get out.     

Looks like this has taken a turn for the worse. I don't see Pilar getting what she wants out of this. I'm not saying Deion was an angel or wasn't guilty of some of the charges, but this I'll be surprised if this goes her way.


Anonymous said...

She deserve to be compensated but she signed a pre nup that makes deion a smart business man.Go Deon

trob888 said...
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trob888 said...

All this could really hurt Deion's broadcasting career as well. I could see him sending some money her way for that reason. Linked this at my site www.thepowerwire.com

Anonymous said...

she deserves to be compensated for what reason? Has she ever made a tackle or played in a game? No ok has she ever been on t.v or has anyone ever paid her to represent their company? NO ok so what has she done to get the type of money she is asking for? Im getting sick of seeing these women marrying these athletes and t.v personalities then they get a divorce and want half of what the person making the money is worth. When they do half the work the get half the pay until then Pilar gets child support a handshake and move on . She shouldnt live off what Deion has done