Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michigan State Thinking Of A Hockey Game On An Aircraft Carrier

Michigan State was the first school to play an outdoor hockey game (versus Michigan). The Spartans were the first to play a basketball game on an aircraft carrier (versus North Carolina). The people at Michigan State arer now thinking of another first. The first to play a hockey game on an aircraft carrier.

Athletic director Mark Hollis mentioned today that he has been approached about the possibility. He made a brief appearance at Munn Ice Arena before hockey coach Tom Anastos held an informal session with reporters. Hollis then traveled to Indianapolis to attend the NCAA convention and did not return calls seeking more details.

Anastos sounds like he's in favor of the idea.

“I just think when you can create good, unique experiences for the student-athletes, it is definitely worth exploring.”

I don't watch college hockey but if a game on an aircraft carrier materializes, I might actually take the time to check it out.  

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