Friday, January 13, 2012

Rasheed Wallace Thinking Of A Comeback

Reports have came out saying that former 4 time All-Star Rasheed Wallace was thinking about making a comeback to the NBA.

Sources have said that Wallace had been working out and talking to some of his close friends in the league about possibilities and destinations.

At 6-foot-11, Wallace, 37, had been one of the most versatile and talented power forwards of his era. One league source who has talked with Wallace recently describes him as “serious” about a return to the NBA this season. Nevertheless, no teams contacted by Yahoo! Sports reported that they had any contact with Wallace, or his representative.

Wallace retired after the 2010 NBA season following a run to the finals with the Boston Celtics. At 37, he and being retired for a few years, he doesn't have much appeal to teams. Age and his conditioning are concerns. Maybe in the right spot he could be a helping hand to a contender, if he's in shape.

One NBA GM with potential interest in signing Wallace said, “I’d be worried about his conditioning in a condensed season.”

Wallce was never hit with any serious injuries and he was a good scorer and defender so he might get a call. Kurt Thomas, Juwan Howard, and Grant Hill are still in the NBA at an advanced age, so why not Sheed. If Greg Ostertag can make an attempt to work himself into shape in the D-League, Wallace should get a few calls if he makes it official that he wants back in the NBA.     

This isn't speculation or anything, but I could see him with the Bulls, Hawks, Lakers, Mavericks, Grizzlies, or Thunder.


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