Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hot Wheels

The Tampa Bay Rays gave manager Joe Maddon a three year extension last week which was well deserved. Maddon has built the Rays into an AL East contender and kept the team competitive despite financial constraints.

So after the extension was finalized Maddon did a little shopping for a reward for himself. He ended up getting himself a 1956 Chevy BelAir. Maddon called it a "new contract present".

Maddon bought the car in Arizona, had it restored and updated, and delivered to the Charlotte Sports Park. It has air-conditioning, so he said you'll see him driving it around Tampa and St. Petersburg once the season starts.

Maddon said he was looking for a Charger, Roadrunner or Barracuda, but couldn't find one he liked so instead picked this one over a '57 Nomad. "When I drive this it's pretty quick when it starts up, and I love the color and I love the interior,'' he said. Maddon already has two restored convertibles - a '67 Galaxy and a '72 Chevelle.

Maddon said his wife, Jaye, endorsed the purchase, which she named Bella.  "She was all for it,'' he said. "My wife is kind of like a guy sometimes - she likes big flat-screen TVs, she likes watching football on Sundays, she likes fast cars, she used to drink martinis, though she kind of toned that down a bit. She's got a lot of great man-cave qualities about her.''

Looks like Maddon went car shopping and ended up on 'Pimp My Ride'. It's a cool car and if I had the time and money I'd do the same. If the Rays keep winning, Maddon will have his own showroom.

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