Thursday, March 8, 2012

TCU and Baylor combine for 13 hit batsmen

In college baseball normally there are scores of hits in any given game. Unless there is a truly special pitcher on the mound, games usually result in a 12-10 slugfest. Ok, not all games are like that but it's pretty close.

TCU and Baylor put on the hits Tuesday night but in a different way. The two teams combined to plunk 13 batters in the game. The 13 hit batsmen were more than the hit total which was 12. 10 Baylor batters were hit and three TCU hitters were hit.

"It was ugly, it was just an ugly game," Baylor head coach Steve Smith said in a report on the school's website. "It's hard to watch some of what we do, particularly on the mound. This was not a hard game to pitch, the wind is blowing in the batters' faces, and it's just not that hard."  

There were more batters hit by pitches than hits (12).

There were also a combined 11 walks in the game that took 3 hours, 53 minutes to play.

Baylor leadoff batter Nathan Orf was hit by three different pitchers.

TCU starter Brandon Finnegan threw 4-2/3 innings of no-hit ball, but hit six batters.  

Surprisingly this didn't result in a brawl, but I wonder if there's any bad blood behind it or will it affect future meetings between the two teams.

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