Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Austin Daye considers this season a failure

Usually when an NBA player hits his third season you know what kind of player he is. In the case of Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye, he still remains a mystery. Daye didn't expect the season to go like this. Sitting on the bench and playing in spot duty. He thought it would be his breakout year and it has been far from it.

"My rookie year I wasn't expecting a whole lot but I got time here and there," Daye said. "This year is not what I thought coming into this season. You set goals for yourself and this year is a failure. Not a wasted year but a failure."

Daye went to play in Russia for two months during the lockout and he admitted that it was a mistake. He lost weight and is just now getting back to his playing weight of 205 from last season. It really didn't help his game either if you ask me.

Even though Daye has had a lost season, he says don't question his committment to the game.

"I want to make clear that I've been doing my job every day, getting my body right, trying to develop and get better," Daye said. "No matter what the situation may be, I'm still in the gym every day. I just want to let everyone know even though I'm not playing, I'm still putting forth the effort to do what's right."

He's going to have to put in more work this offseason since the Pistons will be in possession of a high draft pick and might be taking a small forward. For his sake he better hope for more playing time since it's the equal of garbage time for the Pistons.

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