Friday, April 13, 2012

Charles Rogers threatened to kill his mother over $100,000

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Charles Rogers was in court last week over multiple warrants in his native Saginaw. Rogers pleaded not guilty in to five misdemeanor charges levied against him.

One of the charges included making a malicious phone call to his mother Cathy Rogers. According to a police report, Rogers threatened to kill his mother over a $100,000 debt.

Cathy Rogers reported to police threatening calls from Charles, his uncle Ronie Rogers and his aunt Debbie Rogers. Cathy, Ronie and Debbie are siblings.

Charles Rogers reportedly threatened to “blow her mouth out” and said that he was willing to do "the time” he would face.

In 2008 an arbitrator ruled that Rogers must pay back $8.5 million to the Detroit Lions, which was later reduced to $6.1 million. That could be the reason he's fighting over $100,000.

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