Monday, April 23, 2012

Janoris Jenkins says he's a great father

Janoris Jenkins is the most scrutinized player in the NFL Draft. There's no doubt that he's a top 15 talent but he won't be drafted in the top 15. There are rumors stating that he might slide out of the first round altogether. The reasons are because of his off-field baggage. The four kids by three women and his love of marijuana.

Despite the concerns and his draft stock tumbling Jenkins remains confident in his ability to stay clean and says that his troubles are behind him. Jenkins says the kids and marijuana had no bearing on his on field performance and they never will.

"It's weird because I had those kids while I was playing college football and it didn't affect me not once," said Jenkins, who is from Pahokee. "I'm proud to have my four kids. If they want to throw that in my face, so be it.

"Everybody has kids. Where in the book do it say you can't have kids? It doesn't say that in the law. I'm a great father. I'm there whenever they need me."

I don't know if the kids and marijuana affected him or not but he did play at a high level. That doesn't excuse him for his past offenses because if he couldn't stop smoking while in college, what makes anyone think he can stop when he gets to the NFL. Jenkins figures this habit has an on and off switch.

"I was just being a college student," he said. "I'm pretty sure there were more guys than me that smoked. I just got caught."  

There are criminals that don't get caught either so it doesn't make it right. Jenkins has cost himself a lot of money but he has it all figured out. Outperform the first contract and get a big second contract.

 "It's a big difference in money, but wherever I get drafted, I'll be thankful for it," he said. "Whoever gets me is going to get a blessing. I'm a great guy. When I get to the league, I'll be working for my second contract. I know I'm the best cornerback in the draft and I'll get the money eventually."

If Jenkins doesn't perform up to his ability and he gets in trouble off the field he'll eventually get a GM fired.

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