Thursday, April 26, 2012

North Carolina wanted to cut down the nets at Duke

The Duke-North Carolina rivalry is the best rivalry in college basketball. No doubt about it. I'm not crazy about either one but you can't deny that fact.

In the 2011-2012 season Duke beat the Tar Heels in a thriller in Chapel Hill. Carolina went down to Durham and returned the favor. After the game in Durham the rivalry nearly went into another stratosphere. Tar Heel players wanted to cut down the nets at Cameron Indoor Stadium. And coach Roy Williams nearly allowed it.

During the Tar Heel Tour, which is a Carolina media blitz, Williams answered questions and brought up the issue of cutting down the nets.

Williams called this past season “hard”. Despite the 32-6 record, Williams said the team never “had the chance to celebrate” aside from the victory over Duke to end the season.

However, the team thought about cutting down the nets in Cameron Indoor Stadium, but Williams thought it “might cause a scene.”

Cause a scene? It would've caused a riot. Although I probably would've taken great joy in seeing that happen. That would've been worse than the Ohio State football players tearing down the "Go Blue" banner before the Michigan game in 1973.

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Anonymous said...

It would have been a classless move that would have created a great deal of unnecessary animosity between the programs. Good thing that Roy had a bit more sense than that Dougherty jack*** from a few years back. That being said, it speaks volumes about the rivaly that it was even considered by the UNC players.