Monday, April 2, 2012

Singleton has no regrets about spending $10,000 in lottery

The multistate Mega Millions lottery reached staggering proportions with a jackpot of $640 million. There were three winners in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas, but Washington Wizards rookie Chris Singleton wasn't among the three.

No dice after dropping $10,000 on lottery tickets. I guess professional athletes have lottery dreams too. Even after spending an absurd amount of money for the tickets, Singleton has no regrets about the money he spent.

Washington Wizards rookie Chris Singleton says it was worth it to buy $10,000 worth of tickets for last week's Mega Millions lottery, adding it was "either that or blowing it in the clubs."

Singleton didn't win a share of the record-breaking top prize, but he said Monday that he did win some money. He's not sure how much because he hasn't gone through all of his tickets yet.

My only beef is that athletes and entertainers shouldn't play to let someone needy have a better shot at winning the top prize.

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