Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bill Ford Jr. puts Lions players on notice

After Jim Schwartz had a mouthful to say about the off field troubles of a few Detroit Lions players, Bill Ford Jr. got in on the act. For those who aren't familiar with Ford Jr. he was the one who basically greased the skids for Matt Millen to be fired since his father (William Clay Ford) was hesitant to do so.

Ford Jr. went on WJR in Detroit to express his disappointment with the players involved in legal troubles this offseason. He didn't call out any names but everyone knew who the message went out to. Nick Fairley, Titus Young, and Mikel Leshoure, consider yourselves to be put on notice. Never a good thing when the top brass calls you out.

“Unfortunately it’s just a couple guys who are just tainting our whole image,” Ford said. “There’s no question, some of our young guys better get their act together because that’s not the way you become a professional. The good news is we’ve got some great veteran leadership on our team that are great guys and can set the tone and I suspect it’s going to be those veterans who are really going to get these guys back in line.”

Either the players need to fall in line under Schwartz or the Lions need some swift locker room justice. Remember that commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't wielded his mighty hammer regarding the off field issues. The Lions need the youngsters to march in step with the others before a promising season can possibly be derailed before it begins.

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