Monday, May 21, 2012

Lions' Ford ranks as one of the worst owners in the NFL

Despite a playoff appearance last season and a team that is by all accounts getting better, Lions owner William Clay Ford is still seen in the eyes of many as one of the worst owners in the NFL.

Last November, Forbes Magazine ranked Ford as the worst owner in the NFL mostly due to financial reasons however Ford is 27th on the list of Big Lead Sports’ Jason Lisk.

Lisk chose not to rank Shahid Khan (Jaguars) and Mark Davis (Raiders) since their time as an NFL owner has been brief as of yet. But, Ford comes in at No. 27 ahead of ahead of are Kansas City’s Clark Hunt, Cincinnati’s Mike Brown and Cleveland’s Randy Lerner.

Here is what Lisk has to say.

“Last year was great for the Lions. The previous 49 with the senior Ford in official ownership position, not so much with very few exceptions, and it’s hard to get the taste of the Matt Millen era out. The Lions were one of the feared franchises of the Fifties and early Sixties, but it’s been a while. The good news is that the team looks up as his role diminishes with age.”

Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots, Dan and Art Rooney II of the Pittsburgh Steelers and John Mara and Steve Tisch of the New York Giants round out the top three according to Lisk.

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