Friday, May 11, 2012

Marlins' Brett Hayes gets a scare

When you're enjoying some time off or running errands having a gunman literally cross your path isn't on the list of things to do.

Miami Marlins catcher Brett Hayes had the scare of a lifetime when a gunman walked by his car while he was stuck in traffic in South Florida. Hayes had no idea that the gunman had shot two police officers and had officers chasing him down.  

"The guy was walking by our car, and I made eye contact with him," Hayes said Friday. "I looked away nonchalantly and told my wife, `Don't look at him,' because it looked like he was obviously up to no good. Later I found out he had already shot two police officers."

"The creepy thing about it was that the guy looked like he was walking down the street to go to the supermarket," Hayes said. "He was very nonchalant.

You look back and you're like, `I can't believe that just happened."'

Hayes did the right thing by ignoring the gunman. Luckily for him he didn't get intertwined with the whole incident.

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