Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks pass on Hard Knocks

Add the Seattle Seahawks to the list of teams that have turned down HBO's "Hard Knocks" series. The  Houston Texans,Washington Redskins,San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons have all reportedly turned down Hard Knocks.

The Seahawks weren't officially offered to do the show, but they were approached and turned down HBO.

Head coach Pete Carroll doesn't dislike the show, he just doesn't want his team on it and says it's "not their style".

“That’s just not going to suit what we’re trying to get done here,” Carroll said. “I think it’s a great show. I love watching it. I loved Rex [Ryan], and when the Bengals — I love those kinds of shows. I look forward to seeing it. But I just don’t want to put that in the middle of our process. We’re trying to win football games and hopefully we can entertain that way, not on the show. That’s not our style.”

Translation: We're in the business of getting the team ready to win football games not put on a show for the cameras.

The NFL show comes on every Sunday complete with mics and cameras. The only edits are when some one drops an F-bomb or any of those words. I agree with the Seahawks' decision to not do the show. Who needs the distraction or the media attention.

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