Saturday, May 12, 2012

University of Michigan president says they shouldn't have hired Rodriguez

Rich Rodriguez is like the head that won't die around the University of Michigan. Somehow, someway his name always comes up in conversation regarding the football program even though he's been gone for almost two years.

While talking to a crowd in Flint, university president Mary Sue Coleman admitted what a lot of Michigan fans already knew. It was a mistake hiring Rodriguez. And she also told the crowd water was wet.

"We though, OK, well let's go hire the guy who invented the spread offense," Coleman said.

And it was the wrong call, she told members of the Rotary Club of Flint following a question on the topic from the crowd.

"He was a hot, young coach with a different approach," Coleman said of the decision to hire Rodriguez.

It could have worked if Rodriguez didn't have to deal with defections and taking knives out of his back. They screwed up the coaching search to begin with that led them to Rodriguez.

I'm not defending the guy but he never had a chance from the start.

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