Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raider rookie gets out of traffic ticket

Everyone raise your hands if you've ever heard of Christo Bilukidi. Ok, me neither. But he apparently has some pull on the streets of Oakland.

The sixth round pick from Georgia State got out of a traffic ticket because he mentioned that he was an Oakland Raider. Didn't the cop know that he was Christo Bilukidi and not Darren McFadden? I guess not. Bilukidi released his bit of good fortune on Twitter to let the world know.

“Ran a red light n got pulled over, cop ask me what I do n I said I’m a Raider, I dodged a 428$ ticket. #BigLeague,” Bilukidi wrote.  

If the cop figured out who he was he would've got the ticket. He should've got the ticket for the fact that he played for the Raiders.

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Flory said...

Unfortunately this happens every single day ....celebrities don't receive traffic ticket just because they are who they are while a normal person needs to hire a lawyer in order to get rig of a ticket.
I recently called my lawyer from to try and beat a speeding ticket I got in Toronto. They saved my license so every time when I have such problems they help me...unfortunately I'm not a celebrity to "beat" a ticket using my ID:))