Monday, July 2, 2012

NFL easing up on blackouts

Good news for Jacksonville Jaguars fans that can't watch the games on television since they had a hard time selling out.

According to a report at, the NFL will be relaxing the blackout rules. The league will no longer require that home games are sold out to be televised on local television. I don't care what the suits say, this idea makes perfect sense.

This season, games can be televised locally even when just 85% of tickets are sold. The Wall Street Journal reports that teams will be able to set their own "seat-sales benchmark" -- as long as its at least 85% of total capacity -- and when that benchmark is met games can be televised. "To discourage teams from setting easy benchmarks," says WSJ, "teams will be forced to share more of the (ticket) revenue when they exceed it."   

The relaxed blackout rules also make it easier for fans to view the games at home since a majority of hardcore NFL fans can't afford the tickets to go to a game in today's economy.


Anonymous said...

last 2 years have been blackout free for Jacksonville. The upcoming season is getting a lot of hype and sentiment is strong towards the team. I hardly see how this has anything to do with Jaguars franchise right now. Pretty sure there are other teams out there that this should be directed towards (um Rams?)

chris edwards said...

Hey anonymous. Read this article.

It helps when you have the tarp dressing up empty seats.