Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diamondbacks Barajas finds missing World Series ring after four years

Current Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Rod Barajas was a member of the Diamondbacks World Series winning team in 2001. Of course being on that team you get a coveted  World Series ring. Barajas got his ring but he lost it four years ago.

Four years later Barajas had the good fortune of recovering his World Series ring.'s Steve Gilbert tells the story.

Before leaving the couple's home in San Diego, Stacie tried on a pair of shoes she had not worn in years. She tried one foot on, determined it matched her outfit and packed both shoes for the trip.

While getting ready at the hotel just before the funeral, Stacie put on both shoes for the first time. Only there was a problem with the one she hadn't tried on before she left. There was something in the toe blocking her foot.

"I was getting ready and my wife yelled out, 'Guess what I just found?'" Barajas said. "We're in a hotel room and I'm like, what could you find in a hotel room?"

As it turns out, you can find a 2001 World Series ring and pendant.

"She walked out with the ring and pendant and we both looked at each other and I said, 'That was your grandmother. Your grandmother grabbed that and put it there for us. One last gift that she gave us before she left,'" Barajas said.

Barajas is lucky he found his, but when are players gonna learn to keep their championship rings in a safe place.

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