Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maurice Jones-Drew doesn't like the criticism of Blaine Gabbert

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert hasn't had too much success at the NFL level. You can say he's had too many coordinators (three since he's came in the league) or he just doesn't have it. The new coaching staff doesn't seem too hot on him either as head coach Gus Bradley has declared it an open competition.

Recently a report surfaced saying that a former Jaguars assistant had some rather unkind words about Gabbert. The unnamed assistant said that Gabbert "thinks nothing is ever his fault" and they referred to him as "Blame Gabbert".

Fair or unfair, Gabbert's backfield mate Maurice Jones-Drew took umbrage with what the former assistant had to say about Gabbert.

“For that coach to come out and say that, that’s not what a man should do,” Jones-Drew said. “You have a problem, tell it to his face. You don’t air somebody out after you’re gone. That happens too much in this league.

“It just [ticks] me off that people talk about the guy like that. I get upset about it because people think it’s easy to learn [a new playbook], let alone learn what everybody is doing around you."

What the former assistant said might be true, he should've put his name to it. There are always unnamed sources putting their problems out there for all to know. Jones-Drew is correct, say it to his face if you have a problem. At least say it when you're going out the door.

“I’m not making excuses for Blaine — he’s made mistakes of his own that for us to go places, he has to correct,” he said. “But we all make mistakes, and I feel like we haven’t supported him enough.”

“How do you expect a guy to play?” Jones-Drew said. “I don’t understand how a guy can perform at a consistent level when there’s no consistency in his [professional] life.”

Once again I believe Jones-Drew is dead on. You can't develop any consistency when you keep changing the playbook and changing coaches. Gabbert hasn't had the best success but he hasn't been put in a position to succeed. Gabbert hasn't done well on the field but the Jags haven't done any favors for Gabbert.

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