Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is dating a former Heat dancer

You would figure that a NBA coach would be married and have children. And whoever they're married to would be in the same age bracket.

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, 42, has surprised many by who he's dating. Spoelstra appeared at a fundraiser Saturday night with his girlfriend, Nikki Sapp. Sapp is a 24 year old former Heat dancer.

An 18-year-old Sapp started dancing for the team in 2005, while a 34-year-old Spoelstra was serving as an assistant for Pat Riley. She danced with the squad for three seasons, then left before Spoelstra took over the Heat's head coaching position in 2008. 

Outside of Phil Jackson, no one really knows about who a coach is dating or married to. We all know Phil didn't do too bad (Jeanie Buss) and based on the looks of Sapp, Spoelstra isn't doing too bad either. But that age difference makes you wonder. Oh well. Play on player.

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