Monday, March 11, 2013

Washington State assistant Jim Mastro declines to help NFL teams defend the Pistol

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick had a great deal of success in his first year as a starter. He led the 49ers to within a whisker of the Super Bowl title. NFL teams are still trying to figure out a way to contain Kaepernick after he excelled in the 49ers version of the Pistol offense.

The Pistol is generally was the formation Kaepernick played in while starring at Nevada. Former coach Chris Ault is thought of as the inventor of the Pistol. Former Ault and current Washington State assistant, Jim Mastro, is the godfather.

With the knowledge Mastro possesses, NFL teams have come calling. Mostly to get some insight and some knowledge on how to stop it.

Mastro has declined NFL offers due to his loyalty to Kaepernick.  Mastro told's Bruce Feldman, as long as Kaepernick is in the NFL he won't help teams with ways to defend the Pistol.

"As long as Colin [Kaepernick] is in the NFL, I'm not going to do that," Mastro told Monday. "He is like a son to me.

"There are plenty of people they [NFL teams] can get ahold of that can help them."  

I'm wondering if the Green bay Packers were one of those teams. Kaepernick single handedly destroyed the Packers, running for 181 yards in the process.

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