Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kevin Durant says Carmelo Anthony can have the scoring title

In past years it was a big deal to win the  NBA scoring title. Anyone remember David Robinson winning it on the last day of the season with a 71 point effort?

Right now Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant (28.4ppg) and New York's Carmelo Anthony (28.3ppg) rank one and two in scoring. Anthony is riding a hot streak right now but Durant is indifferent to winning another scoring title. He says Anthony can have the scoring title if he wants it.

"He can have it," Durant deadpanned to reporters. "I mean the stuff he's doing right now, every time he touches the ball it looks like it's going to go in. He's having a nice run right now and his confidence is high. I'm sure he's going to take over. If it happens, cool.”

“Don't get me wrong, I never want to take stuff like that for granted, but if it happens, it happens,” Durant said. “I'm just going to play my game. I'm not going to force it too much and think about it too much and try to get it. But if it's meant to be then it will happen.”

Looks like Durant is more concentrated on winning games and focused on trying to win a championship.

If Durant does hold on he would be the third player to win four scoring titles in a row. I'm sure he'll trade that for a Larry O'Brien trophy.

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