Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roddy White: "It's Super Bowl or nothing"

The Atlanta Falcons were damn close to playing for a Super Bowl this past season. Going into the upcoming season the Falcons will be one of the favorites to be playing on the final Sunday. The team signed running back Steven Jackson from the St. Louis Rams and will have a lot of key players returning. Making the playoffs isn't good enough for this team according to receiver Roddy White.

White has said it's "Super Bowl or nothing" for the Falcons. When Whits spoke about the teams past playoff performances he stated that the Falcons were happy to be a the party. Now there is a sense of urgency after the NFC Championship game loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

“I think that the first three we were getting there and were just having fun being there. And then we turned a curb, and we said we have to stop just getting there and we have to win games,” White said. “We’re ready to take that next step. We know how good our football team is and the players we got, so it’s either Super Bowl or nothing for us right now.

Jackson also said that he came to Atlanta to go out on top. Sounds to me that this team is hungry. But will they be able to beat out the other top contenders in the NFC?

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