Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stephen Curry challenges Michigan's Nik Stauskas to 3 point contest

Michigan's Nik Stauskas burst onto the college basketball scene with his sharpshooting ability. After his latest YouTube video, Stauskus' reputation is growing.

Stauskus nailed 70 of 76 three pointers in the rain which prompted Golden State Warriors marksman Stephen Curry to throw out a challenge to Stauskus.

"3pt contest sometime @NStauskas11 ????? this is Impressive," Curry tweeted, linking Stauskas' video.

Staukus response: "Thanks for the s/o bro! Im always down fot a 3pt contest, wouldn't mind going up against the best shooter in the world!!," he tweeted. "I love waking up to a challenge by the best 3 point shooter in the world!!! Today might be a good day HA!"

Curry shot 45.3 percent from deep in the NBA while Stauskus shot 44 percent and set a  Michigan freshman record for three pointers in a season.

I wonder would this be from NBA range or a college shootout.

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