Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wisconsin trying to schedule a game against LSU in Lambeau Field

The Wisconsin Badgers football team has caught a lot of flak for their non-conference schedule in past years. But you have to give some credit to athletic director Barry Alvarez as he tries to beef up the slate in the near future.

The Badgers have a date with Alabama in 2015 at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. A report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the Badgers are looking to add another SEC heavyweight to the schedule. Alvarez would like to add LSU to the schedule and play the game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Justin Doherty, UW associate athletic director for external relations, declined to say whether UW is pursuing such a game.

"I don't have anything I can tell you," he said after the regularly scheduled athletic board meeting.

"It has come up from time to time and it is something that we are pursuing," said Aaron Popkey, the Green Bay Packers' director of public affairs. "But it hasn't gotten to the point where there is anything on the books or where we're ready to announce.

"We continue to look into it and will certainly explore those opportunities."

With the BCS going to a College Football Playoff, strength of schedule might be looked upon as criteria to being included in the four team derby. Seeing how everyone loves the SEC, it's in the best interest to schedule a game like this and win. Considering that we've seen two SEC teams battle it out for the national championship (2012) and a two loss SEC team (LSU) win it all. A one loss Big Ten team might get shafted, whereas a one loss SEC team gets the benefit of the doubt.

Knowing how the SEC operates the Tigers may want a home game or a game in the Superdome in return.

But give some credit to Alvarez for looking toward the future and trying to schedule games that matter when it comes down to choosing the teams for a playoff.

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