Saturday, May 4, 2013

Steve Smith doesn't see Phil Jackson's role with the Pistons as a natural fit

When Phil Jackson was hired as a consultant by the Detroit Pistons many figured that there was more to it than just being an unpaid consultant.

Some think it might be a ploy to undercut current Pistons president Joe Dumars and take over the front office role himself. The question I have is, why is Jackson helping the Pistons?

NBA TV analyst Steve Smith has the same thought going through his mind. Smith, like myself remembers  Jackson being a mortal enemy of the Pistons while he coached Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.
Smith says that Jackson's role with the Pistons doesn't look natural.

Remember when he said the Pistons were bad for basketball? Or when he disregarded them as champions after the Pistons beat down his Lakers in 2004. No, this isn't natural at all.

"His experience, because of the years he's been around the league, championship pedigree, all the rings and big games he's been apart of," Smith said. "(But) I'm still scratching my head, why, other than the obvious."

"It doesn't look natural from a Pistons perspective," Smith said. "I'm thinking as a Pistons fan before I was in the NBA, from MSU. I'm old school. (Seeing someone) from the Bulls or Celtics, the old-school rivalries."

Many in the Detroit area still feel Dumars should get a chance to rebuild the Pistons into a contender. Many think that this is a way to ease Dumars out of the front office.

What does owner Tom Gores do if Dumars wants one guy and Jackson suggests another?

We'll just have to let it play out and see what happens.

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